4 Things To Avoid When Washing Your Car

Posted on: 20 May 2016

When it comes to washing your vehicle, it's definitely something to take seriously. Your vehicle spends a good amount of time outdoors and exposed to all kinds of things that cause it to become dirty quickly. When you don't wash your car, it can cause serious damage to your vehicle that can definitely decrease the resale value of your car. In order to wash your car effectively, here are four things you should avoid:

  1. Waiting Too Long: When you wait until there is an actual layer of dirt and grime on your car before getting it washed, you could be risking damage to your car's paint. This is because the longer dirt and grime sits on the surface of your vehicle, the more time it has to begin to eat away at the paint. This is especially true when you have bird droppings on your vehicle since the chemical components in these droppings eat away at the paint even faster. 
  2. Using Household Cleaners: Many people believe that using household cleaners to wash their vehicles is just fine. However, these cleaners are stronger than cleaners that are specifically designed to be used for vehicles. This means that the paint on your car is more easily stripped away when you use household cleaners. It's best to invest in cleaners specifically made for vehicles or to go to professional car washes where they have these cleaners available to them. 
  3. Washing Your Car When It's Hot: When your car has been sitting in the sun for a long period of time or you have just finished driving it, it's not a good idea to begin to wash it at this point. This is because when your car is hot, the water and soap on it is going to dry faster, which is going to leave spots. These spots make your car look dirty and gather dirt more quickly, as the soap that has dried on your vehicle makes it easier for dirt to stick to the surface. 
  4. Using Anything Abrasive: The sponge and towels that you use to dry your vehicle after washing need to be soft. You can often find towels and sponges at auto shop stores that are made to be soft specifically for using on vehicles. When you use anything abrasive, it can cause scratches on the surface of your vehicle. Even though these scratches will be subtle at first, eventually the scratches will increase in size and become more noticeable. 

When you avoid these four things when washing your car, you can be sure that you are washing it as effectively as possible.