Tips To Detail Your Car Like A Professional

Posted on: 26 January 2017

Auto detailing your car doesn't always have to be done at a shop. You can do some detail work by yourself in between trips to the car wash center. You probably have most of the items needed to do the job around your home, and just need to take the time to do the work. See below for tips on how to detail your car like a pro.


Wipe down the dashboard and door panels with a cleaner made for this area of your car. If you don't have anything specific, you can use a mild dish soap and warm water. Wipe it down the clean water to rinse any soapy residue. Dry the interior with a clean, soft cloth such as cotton or microfiber. When finished, wipe down the surface using a small amount of Vaseline. Wipe up as much excess as possible so your interior feels conditioned, but not greasy. To get into small spaces on your dashboard such as vents, use q-tips or small foam paintbrushes damp with water. Be sure to wipe down the entire dashboard from the top to the bottom, as well as the steering wheel and center console (including the cup holders). 


Clean your windows using window cleaner and a microfiber cloth. If you're afraid of streaks being left behind, use newspaper instead of the microfiber cloth. Don't have window cleaner? Use a mixture of water and vinegar (1:1 ratio), mixed up in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the cloth or newspaper, then wipe the windows. Start with the front window, then move around the car to clean them all.


Clean up the upholstery in your car using a small vacuum or shop vacuum. If your car has a lot of dog hair in it, use a small squeegee to get up the dog hair. If you don't have a squeegee laying around, use some rubber gloves to scrape stubborn dog hair from your seats. For smells in your seats sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on your seats. Let it sit for about ten minutes before vacuuming it up. The baking soda will soak up the smells. You can mix baking soda with about 5 drops of your favorite essential oil in a jar, then sprinkle it in your seats to give your car a fresh scent. For stains on your seats, spray a small amount of vinegar on the stain. Then sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on top. Watch the mixture work its magic, then vacuum it up. You can do all of these things for your car's carpeting as well to make it look like new again.

Clean your car often to help keep it looking like new - not just the exterior, but the interior as well. Don't have time to clean or detail your car? Take it to the car wash to have it detailed for you.